We are an ACBL-sanctioned bridge club serving eastern Montgomery County, southern Bucks County, Northeast Philadelphia, and the surrounding area. We offer friendly, competitive games in a non-smoking environment.

BUXMONT, in association with the North Penn Bridge Club, will host the NAP Flight "C" District finals (held at clubs) on Saturday, October 18, at 10:00 (until 6:00PM). The event is a 2-session event with those finishing overall in the District receiving 25% of their award in gold points. 1st place is 10.0 masterpoints and the winning pair receives a $700/player subsidy to attend the Spring National in New Orleans to play in the National Flight "C" finals (you may elect not to go on to the National finals). 2nd and 3rd places receive a lesser subsidy. Sign up at BUXMONT on the sheet to the right of the computer station. Note that both partners must possess a qualification (for any flight) and must be non-Life Masters with less than 500 points as of last June 1 to play in Flight "C". See Bill if you have any questions.